New Here

New Here

Thank you for visiting our website. If you are new to Abiding Savior and want to know more about connecting points in our ministry please scroll through this page.

Worship Services

As God’s people, united in faith around God’s Word, we are given a tremendous freedom in how we can choose to worship. At Abiding Savior, this means that while we have three distinct styles of worship in any given weekend, we truly believe that they are all unified in purpose and can be a blessing to you no matter what your previous experience.

  • Our traditional service at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday employs more traditional instrumentation, the organ, choirs, bells, etc., and generally follow an established liturgy. The liturgies and hymnody are rooted in musical and theological tradition, but could be written anywhere from a thousand years ago to the previous week! This gives this service a tremendous sense of connection with the past, but also a connection to the present-day church and, hopefully, a sense of communication with angels, archangels, and all the company of heaven.
  • Our contemporary services (5:00 p.m. Saturday and 10:15 a.m. Sunday) generally involve acoustic rock worship leadership with guitar, drums, keyboards, and vocals. Blending the newest in contemporary Christian music and the best of the worship life of the Church throughout all ages, we maintain a devotional, congregational-song focused service, always directed towards God’s Word and its place in our lives.
  • For festival services (Easter, Christmas, Holy Week, etc.), you will most likely see a blend of all of our various types of worship. On these occasions, we gather everything we have as a congregation and present it to God, united as one body of Christ!

Directions and Parking

We are located at 23262 El Toro Road in Lake Forest, CA. We’re actually just off a Frontage road, between Muirlands and Jeronimo if you’re traveling on El Toro Road.

There are spaces marked out in our parking lot just for you! Look for the Visitor signs along the fence in the parking adjacent to the sanctuary. (The sanctuary lot can be accessed from Frontage road, it is the third driveway on the right after turning onto Frontage road from El Toro Road.). You can certainly park in any of the parking lots. Once you are here, feel free to ask anyone you see for directions.

Children in Worship

We strongly encourage family worship! Please feel free to keep your children with you during the service. We know that it is not always possible, so our nursery is fully staffed and available for your little ones if you so choose. The nursery is located immediately to your left as you come in from the sanctuary parking lot. There is also a cry room adjacent to the sanctuary if you wish to remain with your children and view the service, but find them to be a little restless!

How to Become a Member of Abiding Savior Lutheran Church

We long to help people find help, hope, and home here at Abiding Savior Lutheran Church and School. As people connect with us we invite them to become a more formal part of our congregation through membership when they are ready to do so.

There are a couple ways to become a member of Abiding Savior.
  1. If you are currently a member of another Lutheran Church and would like to transfer your membership to Abiding Savior simply request a transfer from the Church Office.
  2. If you’re not a member of the Lutheran Church we’d like to have the opportunity to share with you what the Lutheran Church believes, teaches and confesses. This happens in Adult Membership Classes that are taught several times a year. These classes, taught by the pastors and other knowledgeable members, are a great time for studying God’s word together, asking your questions and hopefully getting some answers.

We invite all the people who are transferring into the congregation and the people who have gone through the membership class and decide they want to be members to experience our New Member Orientation. The purpose of this gathering is to get new members acclimated and assimilated into the congregation.

Finally, we ask our new members to enter the congregation in a worship service where we introduce them to the congregation and thank God for sending them to us.

Membership in a Lutheran church is an important thing. What makes it important is that membership means we share things in common; a common belief in Jesus as our Lord and Savior, a common understanding of the Word of God and the Sacraments, a common responsibility for extending the Kingdom of God in our midst and throughout the world.

We welcome you to make Abiding Savior your home!