The Daily Vote

Monday, August 10 - Friday, August 14, 2020

Daily Vote for Monday, August 10

Who do you think would win in a cup-stacking race? 

Our two contestants will be battling head to head to see who can stack 36 cups into a pyramid and then back down to a single stack of cups the fastest? Here are our two contestants:

Troy Randall

Troy is a 2019 alumni of Abiding Savior. Troy is a lego aficionado and is sure that he can beat his opponent at this challenge.

Jameel Naber

Jameel is a 2020 graduate of Abiding Savior. Jameel is extremely competitive and plays several sports, will his competitive nature help him win?

Vote Results:

Troy Randall – 75%

Jameel Naber – 25%

Watch the video below to see who won…

Daily Vote for Tuesday, August 11

Who do you think should get a pie in the face?

These two sisters are ready to pie each other in the face… who will get their just desserts?

Sydney Canett

Sydney is the older sibling of the family and is ready to show her sister who’s boss around here.

Natalya Canett

Natalya is Sydney’s younger sister and is ready to give her some payback for years of sibling rivalry

Vote Results:

Sydney Canett – 83%

Natalya Canett – 17%

Watch the video below…

Daily Vote for Wednesday, August 12

Who would win in a T-Shirt Race?

Who can put 15 t-shirts on, one over the other, the fastest?

Stacey Dawes

Stacey is a 2016 graduate of Abiding Savior and will be a high school senior this year. She  is a talented multi sport athlete. Will her fast reflexes and ability to work under pressure help her win this challenge?

Mr. Salesky

Mr. Salesky is the Director of Family & Youth Ministry at Abiding Savior. He doesn’t consider himself an athlete, but he enjoys running, and at the 2016 National Youth Gathering, he beat all 7 out of 7 of his high school students in a 5k. Will his love of winning against his students give him the edge he needs to beat his opponent?

Vote Results:

Stacey Dawes – 91%

Mr. Salesky – 9% (rude…)

Watch the video below to find out who won…

Daily Vote for Thursday, August 13

Who should have to eat a whole jalapeño pepper on camera?

Will mom or daughter have to suffer?

Mrs. Dawes

Mrs. Dawes is our 1st grade teacher here at Abiding Savior, she has previously taught 6th grade, and kindergarten. Her fellow teachers know that she frequently enjoys eating some pretty weird (gross) things.

Katie Dawes

Katie is a 2019 graduate of Abiding Savior, and Mrs. Dawes’ youngest daughter. She loves animals, volleyball, and softball, and has been known to partake in many spicy foods.

Vote Results:

Mrs. Dawes – 67%

Katie Dawes – 33% 

Watch the video below…

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