What Parents Say

What Our Parents are Saying About Abiding Savior!

I just wanted to share with you what a great experience my kids and I have had so far at Abiding Savior! It’s night and day difference compared to public schools and I am so impressed with the caliber of teachers and staff you have. The kids and parents all seem very pleased and for us it’s been life changing. Thank you!

-Stephanie Barney

I have three children that all have attended Abiding Savior Lutheran School since Preschool. For the last thirteen years, it has been a second home to my children. Not only is the school Christ-Centered, the staff and teachers in a loving way prepared my children to go on to High School with ease.

-Michelle Farris

Best school choice for our son!!! Great education, God loving staff and fantastic kids!!!

-Shannon Peterson

Highly qualified teaching faculty that provide a loving Christian learning environment. We LOVE Abiding Savior Preschool & School! So many fun family events too! 

-Kimberly McEachern  

Our son and daughter have been attending the Abiding Savior school since Pre-K. We are extremely pleased with the education they are receiving and will strongly recommend the school to any parent looking for a Christ centered education for their children.

Our family became members of the church after our children started going to school. We found a home away from home and cannot find enough words to describe the warmth of everyone involved, from the pastors to the ushers to the congregation in general.

Campos Family

When our daughter was preparing to enter kindergarten, we researched Christian schools all over Orange County, praying to find a “right fit”.  At the time we thought it was all about what was “best and right” for her. God led us to Abiding Savior.  Little did we know then how blessed our entire family would be over the next nine years.

Kirsten will be entering Crean High School next fall with far more than a solid educational foundation, though she certainly has that. The Abiding Savior teachers and staff have supported and nurtured her spiritual, emotional and character development as she grows in her own identity, personal values and integrity.  She has learned that success is more than just a grade or a trophy; it’s about the person she is inside.  She has been encouraged to try new things, to step out of her “comfort zone”, to accept and appreciate others, and to share the gifts she has been blessed with.

Our family involvement in many volunteer activities and projects throughout these years has provided us with special memories that we cherish.  We appreciate beyond measure the many opportunities to be an active part of this phase of our daughter’s life.  May God continue to bless our Abiding Savior Family!  

-Diana and Bob

As Seth finishes his first year of high school, I was thinking how can this be? It seems like yesterday he was coming to Abiding Savior for his first day of Kindergarten. Well, I just wanted to say thank you for all the love and guidance you and the school gave Seth during his time there. He is growing into a godly young man. He finished this year with a 3.87 GPA (taking Honors Geometry). He is very involved with his Youth Group and group called Sea Cadets (a very intensive naval program for Youth). He was just accepted for a week long math, science, technology and engineering program at the Naval program…Abiding Savior played a very big part in helping to shape Seth. So, I wanted to thank you and all the teachers for being an important part in Seth’s life.

In Christ,  

-Mary Thompson 

Dear Abiding Savior Lutheran School,

As a grandparent I am always looking for the perfect gift for my grandchildren. I have found Abiding Savior to be not only an amazing gift for my grandsons but also for my adult daughter. As a single mom she was struggling with lots of issues last summer with one son about to enter Kindergarten and another in Preschool. The Public School classes were 35-40 children and he would have been lost, he was already having issues in preschool.  Abiding Savior classes were less than HALF that size. I made a decision to make School their Major Gifts for that year. In the first 3 months we saw a peace settle over both my grandchildren, issues began to resolve! They loved it here and adored the entire staff! My daughter has also seen an amazing change in the boys, and feels so blessed as they sing the Christian songs to her each evening! Now, six months later…I KNOW it’s the best gift I’ve ever given! I see boys who are learning not only their academics but self control and respect. Because it’s a small school these boys feel like they not only have a place where they feel secure, they also feel a sense of family here…and so do we. Thank you so very much for all you do for our family.

-Nana,  Beth Sanders

Dear Abiding Savior,

I wanted to take a moment to share my personal thanks for the years that my children and I have been blessed by our own involvement in and at Abiding Savior.  It does take a village to raise a child and I am forever in your debt for your assistance, encouragement, and the personal growth that Abiding Savior has provided my children and me.  With Marina entering eighth grade this next school year, our “school age” student relationship at Abiding Savior is now limited and coming to fruition with her impending graduation next year.

My part-time employment was the next biggest blessing extended to our family.  It enabled me to basically make my own hours (most of the time), leave without question or hesitation when one of my children was sick or needed me, and also giving me and the kids yet another link to our church and school.  We are blessed to be a part of Abiding Savior’s church body, Abiding Savior’s student(s), student-parent, and alumni, and part of our unique and very special staff.  One could say I had the whole kit and caboodle at Abiding Savior and for that I am forever grateful!!!

In addition to all of that we were also afforded many great opportunities to touch the lives of others through our gifts of service.  It has been my pleasure and honor to aide in the many, many events and functions at our school and church.  I very much look forward to growing old here with my “family.”

Thank you for this and so much more!! ! ! !