6 – 8th Grade iPad Student Information

All 6th through 8th Graders will need iPads for the 2018-2019 School Year!

Here are the important bullets for purchasing the iPad your child will need for our 1:1 iPad program.  If your child already has an iPad and meets the specifications listed below a new one will not need to be purchased.

  • Must be an iPad
  • Minimum requirement for a new iPad is an iPad Air. If you already have an iPad, the minimum requirement is iPad 3 and up
  • At least 32 GB
  • May be refurbished
  • Must have a case that protects all side and corners of the device
  • Must have ear buds / headphones
  • AppleCare protection plan is recommended
  • A Bluetooth keyboard is recommended
  • You can find deals through Amazon; Target or Best Buy will sometimes have open box sales
  • The apps iMovie, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides will be required. Other apps will be needed throughout the year, which your child’s teacher will inform them of in advance
  • The Language Arts novels will also need to be purchased as eBooks through Apple iBooks throughout the year
  • Need to have your iPad registered with an Apple ID before bringing it to school
  • Students will be given clear rules on appropriate use during school hours. The iPad is an educational tool, not to be used for gaming, chatting or texting

» We will have several days before school starts for you to bring your iPad to school for us to register it with our monitoring and security system and sign a user agreement form.

» If your iPad is a new device, please come with it already set up with Apple ID.

» Please also know your Apple ID password as it will be needed to register your iPad.

» We will be monitoring the students’ use of the iPads while at school using the Meraki Mobile Device Management service.